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Hello, friends of the festival

Dear friends; we explain the current situation of the festival and organization regarding the cancellation of the concert de Morcheeba aIN-SLEEPlast Friday 09/16/22. We never thought something like this would happen to us. Although we are professionals and aware that these setbacks exist. The festival had rain insurance, despite everything, the organization's 1st option is "always" not to cancel performances, and that is why it was decided to move the festival to a covered space that offered the guarantees to host the performances The proof is that the rest of the concerts were carried out as normal. 

Return Tickets - Current situation

theIN-SLEEPinforms all those affected: We are managing the return of the amount of the tickets. But it is"JUST LIFE MUSIC" the Promoter and Management in Spain ofMorcheebawho has our money the lawyers ofIN-SLEEPhas sent a proposal for a "friendly" solution in the first instance, which will become a "Commercial Lawsuit" against the promoter if they do not enter into reason for breach of contract and the non-presentation of the group on Fri. 16/09 at the festival (the promoter lied to the group, telling them that the room was technically not suitable, when the technicians of the group itself and those of the festival talked and specified the change without any problem hours before). So, Morcheeba she was as surprised as the festival. Moreover,Just Life Musicalso cancel the concert in Madrid, on Sun. 18/09, just 48 hours before the concert, leaving Sala La Riviera and the public with the ticket hanging.Ross Godfrey(founder guitar of the group and 50% of the band he forms together with vocalist Skye Edwards).

In another sense,we want you to be aware that - the ticket money is not lost - sooner or later it will be resolved and returned, and on the other hand we also give you the option of -exchange them for tickets to the festival's Anniversary in 2023-.It's the most we can do today. We are sorry for this situation, but our hands are tied. In 18 years of the festival, nothing like this had ever happened, and to this day we are still in a state of shock.

Morcheeba(via enred) is also hurt by the way the promoter has acted, which has done nothing but harm the Girona public, the festival and the group itself. That's why we ask for your understanding and trust. And let you know that we are fighting it by all means. We will keep you informed of how it all develops.Anyway, thanks for being there!

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