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17 a



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La Mirona / Salt



"Tribute to Nirvana"




17a   edition

Dear friends,  a la  we already have  what's new here! Firstly the CHANGE OF DATES, and secondly the change of location of the festival  and that we will explain shortly.  Seran 17  EDITIONS! since the first, in 2004,  and fruit of the ashes of  festivals such as So Actual (1998-1999). There have been many years of music, concerts and discoveries, celebrations, sufferings and great joys. I  work ...  a lot of work. A long road that would not have been possible  without yours  heat; Audience!  A path that has been made alongside many groups here, there and even further away. Also next to the  companies and professionals behind it  of the festival, as well as of the numerous concert halls of all the territory. Not to mention people close to the culture, and always linked to one  one way or another in music, they too  han  been involved at one time or another in this project by  don't stop adding concerts and years!


Let's get started!

Next Saturday  February 8, at 10 p.m. will have  place in La Mirona  "The great  tribute concert to Nirvana ".  And it was in  the same date but from  1994, when  Nirvana  made his last concert in the state, in Madrid. Now the Cordovan trio  THE BUZZ LOVERS  they have been performing Nirvana concerts for ten years. They are the best tribute group of Americans. One by one, each component brings its own charisma  and personality  to ignite in each of us the living memory of those who  they were one of the most important bands on the planet,  of rock and the "grunge" movement and by extension  music in general.  THE BUZZ LOVERS are Kane (vocals and guitar), Javi (bass) and Gonzo (drums), they are from Córdoba, and from there they sell us to  to offer  a decal of the  concert and reminisce with careful scenery and a  technical and sound level  great a powerful  tribute  in the group  of Aberdeen / Seattle, and which left its mark  in all of us and  grunge as a  legacy.

The group will open the night  COFFEE  (from La Cellera / La Selva),  which offers us a dark and strong enough rock, with lyrics that speak of the uncertainty and the uncomfortable part that surrounds everyday life. The group consists of Pau Boïgues (guitar), Anna Fusté (bass), Guillem Mataró (drums) and Jordi Arbat (vocals).  Last December the group published the first demo, self-published and with the same title. Three songs that are the cover letter and that we will be able to listen to - among others - in the debut in the Mirona, opening the tribute to Nirvana.  Tickets:  € 10 Old. i 13 € Taq).